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Modorwy L Shaped Universal Magnetic Car Mobile Holder - Hook Clip Magnetic Car Vent Phone Holder for Any Car Ftal Air Vent Phone Mount Fit Mobile Holder

Modorwy L Shaped Universal Magnetic Car Mobile Holder - Hook Clip Magnetic Car Vent Phone Holder for Any Car Ftal Air Vent Phone Mount Fit Mobile Holder

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  • [ POWERFUL MAGNETIC PHONE CAR MOUNT ]-It’s resilient padded silicone gasket grips gets smoothly attached with your car’s air vent and keep it safe from any kind of scratches. These grips are 30 times stronger than any other car mobile phone holder which enhances the anti-drop feature and keep your smartphone safe while driving even through rough roads.
  • [ STRONG MAGNETS OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE ]-Sturdy non-slip L shape design car mobile phone holder for all models of iPhones and Android smartphones. Comes with one-tap, one-hand air-vent installations give you the freedom to use it when driving.
  • [ PREMIUM MATERIALS - IDEAL FOR INDIAN WEATHER CONDITIONS ]- L ' Shape New Design: Air Vent Mount New Definition Strong Magnet: 5 upgrade magnet, 45% stronger than ordinary magnet holder and no effect on the signal of the mobile phone
  • [ 360 DEGREE ROTATION ]- You can set your phone vertical, horizontal or angular position as per your requirement. You can charge your phone when attached to the holder
  • [ EASY TO USE ]-This air vent universal smartphone magnetic car mount holder is 10 times easier to use than any other magnetic phone mount holder due to its simple design
  • [ Warranty ]- 6 Month Brand Warranty


The Hook Clip Magnetic Car Vent Phone Holder is a device designed to securely hold your smartphone while driving. It attaches to your car's air vent using a clip mechanism, allowing for easy installation and removal

Product name : Magnetic Car Mount
Material : PC+Silicone+Neodymium Magnet
Color : Silver / Black
Package Size : 7*3*4cm
Features : Super Magnetic Holder + L-Type Phone Holder + Car Air Vent Clip Phone Holder + Silicone Pad
Compatible : Suitable for 3.5-7.0 inches devices
Fixed Position : Car Air Vent Outlet

The holder utilizes strong magnets to keep your phone in place, ensuring stability and preventing it from falling off during bumpy rides or sudden stops. The magnetic attachment system also allows for quick and effortless mounting of your phone.

The holder features a hook-shaped design, which provides additional support by looping around the air vent slats, offering increased stability and minimizing the risk of accidental dislodging. This design ensures that your phone remains securely attached, even when navigating turns or driving on uneven terrain.

The magnetic car vent phone holder is compatible with most smartphones, regardless of their size or model, as long as they have a flat back or a case with a flat surface. It provides a versatile and adjustable viewing angle, allowing you to position your phone in either portrait or landscape mode for optimal visibility while driving.

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